Dogs will hear this


The first ever release on No Particular Order is a sit up and listen, no messing groover from the boys themselves: Tibasko


June 19, 2018


No Particular Order

We first encountered our good friends Tibasko on a night out in Birmingham. Playing the second room of a packed out Rainbow Venues their tribal rhythms were so persuasive we sacked off the main act entirely - catching them at the end of their set we soon got talking about their possible involvement with No Particular Order.

Fast forward a few months and after countless parties and events together, Tibasko are now core NPO Residents, and we couldn't be happier to announce 'Dogs will hear this' as the first track for official release.

The track builds an un-assuming groove which can take you from lying horizontally on your bed to arms in the air bedroom side-step in 90 seconds flat. Layers of instrumentation are brought in without ever muddying the overall mix before a break down at the 4:30 mark. Ambient relief is soon overtaken by the signature Tibasko tribal inspired beat, punctuated with a cowbell that can only be described as delicious.

These boys have got so much in store that we can't wait to show you, keep your eye out for more of their stuff on the NPO label, or come and hear them play at the next NPO event!

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