Feel this way


A laid-back deep house number is WMG's debut on No Particular Order


June 20, 2018


No Particular Order

WMG, a.k.a. William Guilfoyle is a Glaswegian producer whose productions caught our attention in the depths of Soundcloud. Will's productions are matured and refined, and you'd have thought his lengthy discography (for a hobbyist producer) would be well listened, but as of the time of writing they remain mostly undiscovered gems. The breadth of genre covered by his productions, and the quality of their construction, suggests a talent that far surpasses the confines of his Soundcloud page - we wanted to get this music in front of people ASAP.

'Feel this way' has a chugging bassline that ebbs, flows and is built upon with layers of synths. Eventually the snappy hi-hats are joined with the classic 808 open hats and a complex syncopated clap to keep things interesting.

Despite the range of productions already under his belt, it feels like WMG is only just getting started and we can't wait to see what else he'll produce

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