Lo-Fi Gems you need to hear

The rough and rugged textures, steady paced 4/4 percussive beats and wonderful raw display of gentle melodies creeped slowly into everyone’s speakers in 2016. It was the explosive emergence of the underground sub-genre, known as lo-fi house.

With artists such as Ross From Friends, DJ Boring and more, pioneering this sub-genre by producing tracks and gaining millions of hits across many musical platforms, it can be said that lo-fi is a prospering scene that doesn’t just hold a mere niche following. Fast forward to 2018 and a fresh crop of emerging artists are developing the sound of lo-fi house. And with that said, here are a few recent releases from upcoming artists that have caught our ears.

Mall Grab’s meteoric rise within the underground scene was impossible to miss in 2015. And now, he’s back with this recent upbeat release on his imprint, Street City Dance Discs (SCDD), alongside fellow Australian upcoming producer, Loods.

The mysterious and emerging artist, Loods, solidifies his position as a bona fide producer, made evident in his recent EP released on SCDD, which carries the same flair comparable to many of Mall Grab’s popular tracks.

As soon as the news arrived that the pair of Aussies were joining forces, we knew it was going to be great.

With the track already making waves of anticipation, being featured on a number of Mall Grab mixes, this 9-minute track showcases the complete recipe. It’s bursting with big Mall Grab-esque kick samples, tangy hi-hats and the incredibly catchy sample from Shalamar’s “I Owe You One”.

The ex-drummer and breakdancer turned beat-maker, Demuja, is a name that’s been popping up in the radar quite often, and for a good reason too. With various releases on reputable labels such as Toy Tonics, Food Music and Nervous Records, it has garnered him a huge amount of attention, and is slowly becoming a staple name in the lo-fi house scene.

His recent release of the long-player, Vinum, presents seven tracks filled to brim with infectious disco-flecked melodies and energetic orchestrations of MPC percussions. Demuja’s sophisticated, sample-heavy producing style is showcased perfectly in this long-play, illustrating an elegant musical narrative to listeners that will get them on their feet, and dancing all night long.

Australian label, Kyoku Records, have been releasing some of the most innovative music in recent years, with their unique sound stemming from jazz-inspired melodies and organic percussions.

Up comes Copenhagen groovesmith, Dorsi Plantar, with his exemplar track Senorita Lolita. It showcases the sounds of Kyoku Records in immaculate fashion, featuring the use of soothing strings and brass samples, classy melodic progressions and exquisite synth design.

This track highlights the fact that Dorsi Plantar is a name to look out for in the future, and is definitely a producer worth being excited about.

The close-knit collective and Lisbon-based label, No, She Doesn’t, has been releasing some of the hottest tracks in the electronic scene recently. They rose to fame by releasing a series of high-end tracks as free downloads on SoundCloud, gaining support from big names such as DJ Boring.

The labels first-ever VA Vinyl Release, showcases the impeccable work of their collective. DJ Legwarmer’s track, Waiting For You, takes the mantle as the VA’s A-side track and can only be described as a classic house “club banger”. It showcases a satisfying ‘90s R&B inspired vocal sample as the driving melodic hook, excited by brisk hi-hats and delicious filters.

Luckily for everyone, this track is available at XLR8R as a free download, so jump on that bandwagon.

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