Manhattan to Brooklyn


You'll have this delightfully jazzy, piano driven track from Parisian Tour-Maubourg on repeat all afternoon


January 12, 2018


Increase the Groove Records

I find I have a phobia of hearing the same track more than once whilst listening to music at work or throughout the day. I don't get out of bed for playlists with less than 200-300 songs in them for this reason, yet I had this particular softly spoken track looping over and over after my first listen.

Reminiscent of Chaos in the CBD's haunting yet enrapturing productions, Paris based house producer Tour-Maubourg's contribution to the "From da Block, Vol.2" EP might be my favourite of the four. A looping Lauryn Hill acapella sample introduces the track over a muddy kick with plenty of side-chained ambient noise. This combined with samples of conversations create a hubbub over which the jazzy piano chords and Blossom Dearie Manhattan sample are given space to run. The breakdown and build up after 3:42 are telling of Tour-Maubourg's skill, and I am excited to see what he has in store in the future.

You won't be heating floors with this but you'd be hard pressed to find an afters or bar setting that wouldn't appreciate some jazzy relief in the form of Manhattan to Brooklyn.

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