Mr West


Face scrunching goodness with an irresistible disco hook


June 20, 2018


No Particular Order

Ever since Mella Dee's frankly disgusting Techno Disco Tool* it's been hard to listen to a good disco house track without comparing it in at least some small way. However I welcome with open arms the rise and success of disco and disco sample heavy house - there's something even almost romantic about borrowing from the musicians of our past.

WMG's second release on No Particular Order has all the hallmarks of a ruddy good disco thumper. A stripped back beat provides a mix-friendly intro before we're teased with some low-passed goodness. WMG keeps the loop interesting with carefully timed filters. He builds anticipation with rhythm guitar and open hi-hats for a drop which is snatched away from us in lieu of a breakdown at 3:04. We're rewarded at 4:29 with ceiling smacking, disco at it's best. Keep your eye on No Particular Order for more content featuring WMG and, of course, to keep up with his latest releases.

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*yes, I mean disgustingly good

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