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Joaz's debut on No Particular Order is a three part EP of deep melodic grooves.


August 29, 2018


No Particular Order

Joaz's debut on No Particular Order is a lovely three track EP of delightful chugging deep house groovers.

North London lad Joaz has had heavy involvement within the NPO scene from the start of our adventures. From supporting and appearing at many of our parties we are now proud to unveil the most recent element to get everyone speaking about him. His first release is smooth, holding close a finesse and sleek nature just like the producer himself.

With a cool authenticity Joaz expresses this throughout the tracks, gifting you something deep, relaxing and groovy.

This EP is available for free download over on our soundcloud page NOW - get yourself a copy, do not miss out!

Also available for buying and streaming everywhere

We've got lots more in the pipeline from Joaz coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled and get following him to see where he's playing next.

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