Love House and Techno? Love the newest label: Distortion

Emphatic and original, Amrit Malkani and Abel Delgado known in the minimal industry as Malgado celebrate their newest embodiment - Distortion.

‘The label was a way to expose unknown smaller artists as well as the more established’. The scene has started wildly blooming, with DIY house music platforms becoming increasingly popular - renowned artists and DJ collectives are taking matters into their own hands. The main aims of these platforms invite the bedroom DJ’s into the realm of taking their specific idealistic sounds, compiling them and making tracks. These labels are essentially ‘the gateway drug’ to the music industry and are the backbone of original house music and techno.


Strong relationships generally are an important thing, but it is almost incestual within the music industry, everyone is in the same circle and everyone knows almost everything about each other. Amrit and Abel are proud to be amidst the strong connections within the industry, from meeting DJ’s and producers at underground raves and parties, to the connection cliche ‘through friends of friends’. This approach is more-or-less how all labels work, going to parties and calling it ‘glorified networking’ usually and being successful with it. With valued cohorts and artists on the label, Distortion consistently hold ‘communication and transparency being the key’ for their artists to be confident and content within the label.

Staying in contact with the community that they have created around them is held dear to their aura and ethic and they are proud to be one of those labels that don’t leave anyone behind.

YORY - Rodeo Drive

Tracks from Bulgarian born YORY kick off Distortion’s debut EP release encompassing dark tempo and expression throughout, with lost knocks and claps the tracks haunt the dancefloor with an irresistibly concise head nod.


Most of the time, although we all have a particular taste within House music, sometimes we just want something ‘like we heard that time in that dark warehouse...with the lights’. Rodeo Drive, also the christening name of the EP, is the exact depiction of this.

The track is hard hitting and electric with emphatic builds of suspense and tension for a satisfyingly smooth release. Alessandro Diruggiero and Rone White have accompanied the EP through a convincingly groovy twist on Rodeo Drive as the closing track. Although sticking with the dark tech house tones and elaborate breakdowns with almost an empty-room echo effect surrounding the senses, the additional melodies and subtle high metallic notes encompass the groove - completely transforming YORY’s original track and concluding Distortion's first ever release.

Starting as they mean to go on, Abel, Amrit and Distortion will be familiar names with ever increasing respect from the House and Techno scene.

Releasing on September 3rd 2018 Rodeo Drive will be one EP to get your hands on.


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