MiNT - Leeds Club Set to Close its Doors for a Final Time

20 Years of partying - MiNT Club is set to blow the speakers and the roof off the place with their closing party line-ups (including Seth Troxler and more).

One of the most prolific and influential rave paradises is set to close this year. From opening in 1998 this intimate club has been a pivotal element not only within the music industry but for the party people of Yorkshire.

The City of Leeds is home to some of the most recognised clubs within the UK, from Dub to Techno you will be able to hear brilliant music wherever you end up. However, some clubs stand out and MiNT Club is certainly in that category. MiNT was a venue that shined in the City, everyone knew about it, there was no judgement, no concerns, just you, the DJ and the music.

'Clubs like this only come round once in a while. They are just special.' - MiNT


Specialising in a mixture of House, Techno, Dubstep, and Drum & Bass, MiNT has had a whole roster of unbelievable artists and DJ’s walk through their doors, from Derrick Carter on their opening party, to Ricardo Villalobos.

The Club has had to shut after the surrounding area is being ‘comprehensively redeveloped’ and the venue is unfortunately not able to renew or extend its lease. MiNT disclosed in a statement that ‘It has been a big one to swallow for all of us here and there is only one way to go. In style. Over the next months we will be celebrating over 20 years of fantastic music with a series of special shows.’ With their last show being on the 31st December, the undisclosed Line-Up will be the perfect finale for a club with such passion for the game. Their events in the coming months will include headliners such as Enzo Siragusa (playing tonight 22nd Sept), Max Chapman, Seth Troxler, Skream and David Rodigan as well as a handful of Special Guests just to provide a taster of what’s to come.


Although it will be unfortunate to see this club go and expressing the end of an era for the physical setting, it is clear that the love of MiNT Warehouse and the family behind it will indefinitely live on. Expressed not only through the anticipation of the Sold Out MiNT Festival this weekend, but also through ‘more (events) to follow in early 2019.

As a final closing statement for 20 years of dancing they released a sincere message to those who have been involved with the club expressing their gratitude:

We want to thank everyone for their support over these years and helping us make Mint a brand that is recognised around the world.

From huge club closures this year we are especially sorry to see this one go, but there is still plenty of time left for celebration of its 20 years on the scene.


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