Pasquale DBE - Interview

The Head Honcho of the midlands party scene Pasquale Chiavetta has been holding it down for 10 years and made sure to celebrate in style.

Back in 2008, Pasquale collaborated with friends to create a party celebrating electronic music. From a fun get together, DBE has now become one of the most well-known party acronyms across the UK. DBE manages to appeal to the masses and to the individual, encouraging questionable clothing and glitter from head to toe whilst never dropping the ball on quality of music. DBE exhibits tracks from all walks of life, from Drum and Bass to Techno, from gritty Dub to House and Disco. A night like this soon became the perfect platform to educate and influence people’s music taste, every room has something you don’t want to miss, and the ever-flowing talent ensures every punter has something to skank or swing to.


The ethos that Pasquale has embedded into the DBE’s culture is not only to give Leicestershire a taste of electronic music, but to also create a tight knit family of music lovers. DBE assists other promoters who are throwing events and producing other music related content. Such as for NPO’s charity night ‘Particulate’ where Pasquale played a two-hour vinyl only set, and if we do say so ourselves, that was something not to miss.

Pasquale’s connection with Loughborough University remains strong and DBE will always be one of the founding fathers of the scene there. His openness to explore and help the talent of the University is demonstrated by inviting aspiring DJ’s and collectives to be a part of the DBE party scene. Continuing his assistance in progressing talent, on the 15th November Pasquale will be holding a talk for all you music heads and enthusiasts covering DJing, hosting parties, and the electronic dance scene for the University’s students.



Showcasing an eye watering history of big names throughout the decade of partying is quite something, from Skream and Benga, Artwork B2B Denis Sulta, Elliot Adamson, Monki, Loefah and so many more, the quality of musical talent that DBE has brought to the midlands has been unquestionable. DBE’s 10th birthday party was one of the organisers biggest parties to date receiving recognition from Mixmag as a top night in the UK.

We caught up with the man and made sure to congratulate this achievement:

This is a big year for you and the DBE family, how does it feel to be 10 years in the making?

Feels mental that a night a mate of mine and I started for a laugh. Got to 10 years in! Very surreal to think Loughborough has had something go for this long encompassing electronic music.

Can you think back to that key moment when you knew you wanted to create an event? What influenced you?

Of course. One of my best mates who co-founded DBE, Sean Hulse. Lived with me whilst he was a student and worked in the nightclub I worked at (Rapture) He had the idea of starting a night. I was already promoting another night in Leicester and the idea spawned on the sofa one night. Originally it was called, Dub-Boro and we had only planned to do 10 Secret parties….

If you had to pick, what has been your favourite set that you've ever played?

Way to many important ones to pick one. Amnesia Ibiza was really cool! Papaya in Croatia was another highlight.

Have there been any people / DJ collectives that have influenced your sound?

When I started DJing Yousef & Paul Woolford were (and still are) my heroes. The way those two can rock a crowd with brand new music. It’s an art! They always pushed things forward and it’s pretty clear from them still being very much ingrained in the scene 20years on. They know what they’re doing and both fucking sound blokes!

What has been your greatest achievement to date?

Booking Justice to play at a night I used to do in Leicester and getting a night to carry on for 10 years and keeping Loughborough it’s base.

What is the thing you love most about organising parties and raves, does it excite you as much as it does the punters?

It excites me more I’m sure..! Booking people that not everyone is fully up on and them going down really well. I like opening people up to new sounds in the electronic music world. Drum & Bass, House, Disco, Techno. Whatever it might be. Some artists that have been relatively unknown that we’ve booked and I’ve been proud of bringing to DBE.. Person of Interest, Ramadanman (aka Pearson Sound) X-Coast, Nyra, 1990, Untold, Drop the Lime, Kastle, Martelo plus Loads more as well, but we’ll be here forever!

DBE's parties are getting bigger and better what do you have planned for its future?

Larger scale events, Keeping it fresh, Keeping people guessing, More venues, Secret Parties… It’s all on!


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